Welcome to St Paul's, a lively and welcoming Anglican church between Sutton in SW London and Epsom. We exist to share the love of God and help others discover the joy of knowing Jesus.
Next Sunday services       
    Sunday 22nd March  
    10am Martin will be preaching on 'Messenger of the Gospel'
    1 Peter 3:15-16 
    6:30@StPauls - 'Corrupt judges and compliant spectators'.
    Richard Walker and team will present dramatized readings and 
    an interpretation of the trial of Jesus.

Easter at St Paul's
     Full programme here. Our main services and activities are here.       

      Palm Sunday, 29 March
     10am service We remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem
      where he died oo open the door for us to a new relationship with God.
      6:30@StPauls and FUEL: Deeper. Come with expectation to meet with
     Jesus as we praise and reflect on the freedom we have in Christ.
     Tuesday 31 March - The withered fig tree
     Drop in to visit our 'forgiveness tree' between 10am and noon, or
     between 8-10pm, which will provide an opportunity for you to give or
    receive forgiveness.  
     Maundy Thursday, 2nd April
     4-4.45pm Agape Meal, an informal re-enactment of the Last Supper,  
     presented in a way which is accessible to children.
     8pm reflective communion service 

     Good Friday, 3 April
     10am All age service at which we reflect on how Jesus died for us all.
     1pm Two hours by the cross: join us as we pause, pray and reflect on
     what the cross of Christ means to us in our busy world today. There will
     be traditional classical music, songs, readings and hymns with a choir        backed by a musical ensemble.

     Easter Day, Sunday 5 April
     8am Holy Communion
    10am All-age celebration. Join us to discover why Jesus’ victory over
    death offers us all hope, peace and the joy of living in a close 
    relationship with God.
    6:30@StPauls After the resurrection, the disciples found themselves in  
    the middle of a fog bank of failure and confusion. We will discover what
    Jesus did and didn’t do to clear away the fog. Join us as we look for
    hope together.