Our PCC 


2021-2022 PCC Members

Mark Goodman (Warden)
Rosalyn Holiday (Warden)

Paul Clinton
Hannah Duncan
Jenny Fisher
Sam Luke
Ben McKie
Julie O'Brien
Anne Pianca
Ruth Sharma
Neil Thomas
Samantha Wakefield
Andy Wells
Craig Wilson
Mervyn Wolffsohn
David Wright

Deanery Synod (therefore on PCC)

Adam Hansen
Les King
Sam Neill
Lizzy Stockwell

Jeremy Randall (Treasurer)
John Woolley (Chair of Finance)


Governance Document (July 2021)


Ministry Presentations made to the PCC

Youth Ministry (Amanda Neill & Seb McKie)

Young Families and Childrens Ministries (Keren Hillman & Naomi Carne)